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Hello and welcome to 3Fa!


Due to the current situation, classes will now be held online.  The remote learning format that I will be using online is through Schoology.  A daily folder will be posted under the "Homeroom" link under the "Courses" tab.  This folder will include all Math and Science assignments for that day, as well as a discussion thread that the students can utilize as a communication tool with me directly if they have any questions about the assignment.  My office hours will be from 10am-2pm Monday-Friday.  Remember to check Mrs. Besignano's page as well as Special Area Teachers' Schoology pages for assignments in those specific subjects.


Specials Schedule:

Monday- Art and Music

Tuesday- Spanish and Media

Wednesday and Thursday- PE

Friday- Computers









I encourage you to contact me as much as possible during office hours. This is uncharted territory for everyone involved, but we will try our very best to continue to further your child's education.  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me:

732-751-2485 (ext.3424) or at pfazio@howell.k12.nj.us


Educationally Yours,

-Mr. Fazio