Transportation Update 8/23/2022

Thank you for your patience and input as we continue to work together to create a sustainable and dependable system of transportation for the entire district. As indicated in the video and our prior emails, we continue during the summer, as usual, to create routes, enroll new students and adjust stops and times. As we committed, this email is intended to keep everyone informed along the way.

In reviewing some of the concerns submitted based on the last email, additional changes and some corrections became necessary and we are working through them at this time.

In the interest of maintaining communication and giving as much notice as possible we will be sending an additional email with updated stop information in the coming days (email will be generated whether changing or not).

As always, however, we ask that you review the final information in the Parent Portal when it opens on August 29th to confirm your child(ren)’s ​final bus stop or route along with their other information.